Our counselors are trained therapists who will work with you on developing strategies to overcome obstacles and personal challenges that you are facing.
While you may find that you will build a strong therapeutic connection to one particular therapist, please know that the staff as a whole is committed to assisting you in developing the peace within that you seek.

Our Staff

Kelly Nixon Burns Schultz, MA, LPC, NCC

You know that, “whatever this is…isn’t working for me!”, to quote one of my favorite comedies. Sometimes that is all you know. You know that you need and want to change the things that are no longer working for you but have no idea where to begin or who to trust with your story. The overwhelm of where to go and who to talk to can keep you stuck. But then as they say, if nothing changes, nothing changes and that causes fear. Or, one can get so comfortable being uncomfortable that it is where they stay. Allow yourself the opportunity to connect to yourself and others, living your life in a whole new way, with peace and joy.

You can be safe in the arena with me, slaying your personal dragons, knowing that I support you. I will cheer your growth and challenge your negative thinking and resistant behaviors. You will be the hero of your own story and decide what to keep and what to let go of. The therapeutic process does not happen overnight, but it is a beautiful unfolding.

And yes, you will laugh again, I promise, ( because… I am really really funny 😉 ) but mostly because you will lighten the weight you have been under by learning effective coping strategies and new ways of seeing the world. You will finally love and accept yourself as the strong and beautiful person that you are…exactly as you are.

Courtney Keith, BA, CAAP

Therapy is a tool that cultivates connection to help you access your true self. You may seek therapy for many reasons…mental health, relationship challenges, substance abuse or maybe you’re just not feeling like yourself. As your therapist, I want to foster a safe space for you, so that you can bring your whole authentic self into every session. Together we can do the work on freeing you from the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are holding you back. This healing work is vital for your personal growth and the growth of your relationships.

With 8 years of experience, I know that therapy is joint venture, one where our knowledge and skills are combined to create solutions. I believe in a holistic, client-centered clinical approach and work intuitively (sometimes even with crystals!) I work well with adolescents and adults experiencing anxiety, depression and substance abuse challenges.

I would love to help you untangle the wires in your brain that life’s circumstances may have jumbled up for you. At the very least, my hope is that you will leave each session with a clear head, feel supported and empowered to take the next step. A good therapeutic relationship with my clients includes authenticity, freedom and positive outcomes.

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Our Mission is to empower diverse individuals, families and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, spirituality, educational and career goals.

Our logo represents both the Arrowhead and the colors of the Peacock. In Native American traditions, the Arrowhead is a symbol of Protection and Strength. It acts as a symbol of Courage. The Peacock represents renewal through embracing your inner truth and allowing your true colors to show. Additionally, peacocks survive by eating plants know to be poisonous in nature, therefore, they are strong creatures overcoming adversity. As are our clients.

Your True Self overcoming Adversity with Protection, Strength and Courage.

Arrowhead Emotional Wellness